A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Lawyer In Wichita Can Help Save Your Financial Life

As much as you may want to regain control of your financial situation on your own, there is a point where it is virtually impossible to recover without help. This is the entire reason that the bankruptcy system was created. Even if you do not think that you qualify for this kind of help, it is worthwhile to speak to a Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita and find out for sure. That is the only way that you can make plans for your future based on solid information about your options.

Part of what a lawyer can do for you is to help you figure out what you are eligible for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not available to everyone. In most cases, courts try to set people up with options that will involve payment plans and generally result in paying off all of the debt. In really dire circumstances, though, it is still possible to get a portion of your debt dismissed. Since the system is complicated and takes some assets into account while protecting others, it is better to talk to a lawyer early than to try to sort through the requirements for yourself.

It is better to find out what your situation is early than to try to hold things together for as long as possible in the hope that something good will happen. If a portion of your debt will end up being canceled either way, what you are paying toward it is simply going to waste. An attorney can also help you to avoid making mistakes like taking money from a retirement account to pay off debt. These are among the assets that are protected from creditors, so it is virtually never a good idea to deplete them in order to pay someone back.

When you are looking for a good Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyer in Wichita, you should call Sarah Newell of Newell Law Office. She has been an active bankruptcy attorney since 1998 and is experienced in all aspects of this area of law. She can both help you to figure out what your options are, and then to make the choice that is right for you and your family.

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