Attorney in Easton, PA Explains Why You Should Keep a Lawyer on Retainer

by | Mar 10, 2014 | Lawyers


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It isn’t easy trying to get through this life without the aid of somebody, a friend, some family members, or even business associates. Maybe you even need the services of a lawyer from time to time. There is an Attorney in Easton, Pennsylvania who would like to tell you why it would be a good idea to keep a lawyer on retainer.

Generally speaking, the need for a lawyer usually only makes financial sense when you actually need one. Maybe you need one to help with a will or perhaps you need the services of an attorney for that unfortunate divorce. But if you find that you would like to have an attorney around to answer legal questions or to be ready to represent you, that is usually referred to as a retainer. The lawyer is retained by you making deposits or down payments, if you will, on his or her services in the future.

Although how these fees are set up vary, there are two basic types. In the first scenario, you pre-pay legal fees that are put into a type of an escrow account. As your legal charges add up, the expenses are deducted from this amount until they are all gone. In that case, you would simply make a new retainer account or pay month to month on bills accrued. The second situation is where you pay a monthly retainer fee from which the attorney would draw his fees. In some instances, the attorney will roll over what you don’t use; in other cases, you either use it or lose it.

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