Going Through a Tough Time

Divorce is not easy. Even when the decision is mutual, there will be snags in the agreements and the overall division of who gets what. The division of property in a divorce is one of the main downfalls and one of the main reasons that mediation will not work. Many couples will start off with mediation because they both want the divorce, yet in the end, they cannot agree on anything. This is when a divorce attorney in Kansas City will be a crucial addition to the situation.

When you hire a Kansas City Divorce Attorney, you are allowing a third party to join the disagreement and they can usually bring clarity to the situation. This third party is objective. They donít know about the sentimental values of your possessions and that can be good or bad. By having this person on your side, you can have some clarity about your decisions. If you are set on acquiring a certain piece of furniture or artwork and your soon-to-be ex- spouse also wants it, they may be able to help you bargain for something else that you want. Compromise is always necessary in a divorce settlement, especially if you have been married for many years. You bought things together and it is hard to decide who likes it or needs it more.

One of the biggest problems in the division of property is the house itself that you lived in as a couple. If you have children, you may want to allow them to stay in their family home. That may mean swallowing your pride and allowing the other person to have the house, as long as they buy you out or arrange it so they are solely responsible. One party should not be responsible for the house or other property if they no longer have access to it. That is only fair. The same thing is true of the vehicles. If one party has custody of the children more than the other, it would be considerate to allow that parent the larger vehicle, in order to safely transport the children. Some couples will even arrange to keep the kids in the house at all times with the same car and the parents are the ones who switch their locations. This can give the kids some stability of not having to pack up and change locations every weekend or even having to change car seats and their routines.

When you are going through a divorce, consider hiring a competent Divorce Attorney from Gilby & Haynes Law Firm, LLP in Kansas City to help you through the division of property.


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