Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer to Assist with Your Case

Have you been arrested or facing charges for a crime? If you have criminal litigation pending it is important that you immediately retain a criminal defense lawyer in Sacramento. An attorney will be able to explain what rights you have in the different stages of your criminal process. When you have legal counsel on your side they will be able to help rather reduce your plea for you or seek a dismissal of the charges against you. If you are facing criminal charges in the State of California, you could find yourself with a variety of server penalties from probation to jail time.

What You Should Look for When Retaining Criminal Attorney

Many criminal defense attorneys handle a range of criminal cases from drug charges to sex offenders or white collar crimes to assault. Whatever the crime may be that you are being charged for you should hire a lawyer that has the expertise, knowledge, and skill level to handle a case like yours. When you hire the right attorney for you, they can help reduce the charges of your crime, eliminate or reduce the amount of time you face in jail, lessen the severity of punishment you are facing, or even help obtain a sound defense for you.

What to Ask a Lawyer when You Consult with Them

  • You want to find out how much of your case the attorney will be handling themselves or if an associate will be taking over.
  • Ask them if they have experience in cases that are similar to the one you are facing.
  • You would want to know how often they have asked for lesser charges or worked out plea agreements.
  • It is important to find out how many jury trials the attorney had litigated.
  • Ask them what their fees are and how they are calculated. If you are not financially able to pay upfront you would want to ask if they take payments.

Hire a Team that Will Fight for You Aggressively

When arrested for a crime you want a team of experts on your side that will fight to reduce or eliminate the charges against you. Your future rests in the hands of successfully fighting the legal charges against you. You do not want that responsibility in just anyone’s hands. Find a firm that have the skills and knowledge required to protect your rights.

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