How to Find a Competent Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston?

According to the Law Society Gazette, there was a 32% rise in the number of personal injuries claims between 2006 and 2008. The facts provided by Sweet & Maxwell, the legal information provider of Law Society Gazette, proved that there were 914 claims of personal injury in 2006 which rose to 1,205 in 2008. The rise continues despite the Compensation Act 2006 proposed by the Ministry of Justice to reduce the claim. Larger number of cases resulted in the increase in the number of law firms dealing with personal injuries. This article will provide an insight into the steps to find a competent personal injury lawyer in Houston.

Steps to Find a Reputed Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston

It is recommended that you follow these steps while seeking a competent personal injury lawyer in Houston:

  1. Get a list of lawyers

The first step to find an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston is to get a list of attorneys dealing with personal injuries by contacting the American Bar Association (ABA). The ABA will provide a list of lawyers especially appointed for personal injuries. One can easily get legal help by visiting the ABA website and clicking the “Find Legal Help” icon. The website will then lead the user to the US map where he can opt for his state. Subsequently, the user can follow the link of his choice from the list of lawyers.

  1. Consult acquaintances

Advice taken from a friend or a relative can prove very useful while dealing with an injury claim. It is recommended that you talk to an acquaintance about a good personal injury lawyer in Houston. Consulting an acquaintance who might have had similar experience in the past will prove extremely useful. By analyzing the result of his case, you can get a better idea about how an experienced lawyer will act during the claim.

  1. Ask for recommendation, if necessary

If a lawyer does not deal with injury claims, you can ask him to refer you to another who is experienced in dealing with injury claim cases. A reputed lawyer will always have a large number of contacts and will be willing to give referrals of his fellow lawyers.

  1. Set up an appointment

Once a claimant has completed the aforementioned processes, the next step is to set up an appointment with all the shortlisted lawyers. It is recommended that the claimant is prepared with the handful of questions to check the professional background of the lawyer. Three of the most pertinent questions would include the total number of similar cases he has dealt with till date and the number of cases he has won and his fee structure.

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