Tips for Coping with the Stress of Chapter 13: Philadelphia Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorney

by | May 24, 2018 | Law


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Filing for bankruptcy isn’t what anyone would consider having a normal stressful day. Dealing with the kids is normal. A ton of paperwork at work that stresses you to the limit is normal. Filing Chapter 13 isn’t. Our Philadelphia Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney knows that the process of filing Chapter 13 can be beyond stressful and would like to provide a few tips below to help you cope with the process.

Accept the Sense of Loss

Many people describe going through Chapter 13 bankruptcy as like going through the classic stages of grief. In many cases, you are losing a business or in some cases even property that you owned, and the sense of loss can be almost overwhelming. Many people also feel that they have failed in their financial life, which is untrue. The first step in coping is to accept the sense of loss and get ready to move on with your life and climb your way back to financial security.

Talk to Someone

Of course, you have your family and you have the reputable Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney you have retained, but sometimes it helps to talk to someone else. Don’t try to keep it a secret that you are in the middle of the bankruptcy process. Whether it’s a teacher, your pastor, or a family friend, you will feel better if you let someone know how you’re feeling.

Remember it’s a Solution

It’s important to remind yourself that bankruptcy isn’t the problem, it’s the solution to the problem. You have probably been working towards this moment for decades. Remember, this is going to help you in the long run to get your financial future back on track.

If you are searching for a Philadelphia Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney, contact the professionals at The Law Offices of David M. Offen for help and to schedule a consultation.

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