Why a brain injury can be devastating for victims and family

The results of a brain injury vary in both type and duration. The more severe the injury, the more debilitating it will be. The effects are physical, emotional and cognitive. Brain injury can happen in a number of different ways, but if it happened as a result of negligence on behalf of someone or something, you and your family will need a personal injury attorney in Sacramento CA by your side.

The diagnostic procedure:
If you have been involved in any kind of an accident, and you suspect a head injury, the first thing you want to do is seek medical attention. Even if you did not lose consciousness, and you are perfectly lucid, you still need to see a doctor. If you are still conscious and lucid, the tests are usually a matter of discussing the symptoms and asking a host of questions, which will help the physician decide whether intensive tests such as MRI or CT scans should be ordered. If you are unconscious, these tests will be done upon arrival.

Mild brain injury:
The medical profession considers mild brain trauma to be where the individual does not lose consciousness for more than 30 minutes. Sometimes the results from the injury can be so slight that they are overlooked; but in the future they may manifest themselves and severe headaches, mood swings, and memory loss may appear. A complete report of any brain injury must be kept in the event there is reason to sue any negligent individual who was responsible for the accident. The personal accident attorney in Sacramento CA will need these reports.

Moderate or severe brain injury:
The length of the time the person is unconscious usually determines the severity of the injury. People who have sustained a moderate brain injury often require inpatient or outpatient therapy to regain as much of normal brain function as possible. There will be definite impacts on the person’s future, including being paralyzed, muteness, coma and brain death. These factors will demand lifelong care; the effects upon the family are devastating, and they impact the sufferer’s ability to provide for the family and puts tremendous emotional strain on the ones who will need to provide around the clock care.

Any brain injury will be traumatic for the victim and his family. Long-term effects such as complete memory loss, post trauma amnesia, problems with concentration and attentiveness, communication and dementia are all very real.

The emotional effects can include irritability, insomnia, confusion, anxiety and frustration as well as many others. The effects are traumatic and the personal accident attorney in Sacramento CA who has been at your side since the injury took place will make an attempt at getting full and comprehensive compensation for the pain and suffering of everyone concerned.

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