Why You May Need a Traffic Attorney Baltimore

Traffic offenses usually involve any violation of traffic rules while driving a vehicle or riding a motorcycle or bicycle. There are various traffic violations that take place on a daily basis. In some cases, people get off with warnings or traffic tickets. However, if the violation is past the basic traffic ticket violations, they may end up being charged in court with traffic offences.

A traffic attorney is a kind of attorney that specialises in traffic laws and defence. A traffic attorney Baltimore understands the various laws concerning traffic violations and can come up with a strategy in the defence of the individual to get minimum penalties if not to get the charges lifted all together.

There are different classifications of traffic violations that may negate the need of a traffic attorney Baltimore. Traffic violations are divided into two major categories:

  • Moving violations are traffic violations that take place when one is in motion or when the engine of their vehicle is running and they are on the road. Moving violations can be as simple as running a stop light or as extreme as causing a car crash. In most cases, simple traffic violations such as running stops signs, driving illegally in the car pool lane or driving with an expired license usually gets you a ticked or fines to pay. However, there are some server traffic violations crimes that will get you arrested and charged in court. In this case, you will definitely need a traffic attorney.

Driving while under the influence is one of the serious violations that may get you charged in court. This is because driving while under the influence not only puts you under risk but also other road users. Driving under the influence reduces one’s ability to judge safety speeds or to even respect traffic laws. DUI charges are usually very serious especially if an accident occurs.

Reckless driving is, also, a serious traffic violation that risks the safety of other road users. Street racing is also a violation of traffic rules.

Vehicular homicide is one of the most undoubtedly crucial traffic violations where the input of a traffic attorney will be highly required. One can be charged with vehicular homicide if under individual dies due to injuries sustained in an accident.

  • Parking traffic violations are the other category of traffic violations that may negate the need for a traffic attorney. Parking violations include double parking, parking in a handicapped are when you are not handicapped or parking in a loading zone among other violations. Parking violations do not usually result in serious penalties like the moving violations. In most cases, tickets are issued, fines or the vehicle in questioned towed to a government car yard.
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