Reviewing Options For Disability Benefits In Kent County

In Michigan, disability benefits assist disabled individuals in supporting themselves financially. The benefits provide them with a monthly payment based on the value assigned by the state. The recipients also have access to Medicaid medical and dental insurance to provide coverage for their treatments. An attorney provides legal assistance when necessary if an applicant is denied Disability Benefits in Kent County.

Supplemental Security Income

Supplemental security income is offered through the Social Security Administration. It provides monthly payments based on an inability to work and achieve financial stability. It is based on the income of the parents or spouse of the disabled individual. If they aren’t married, it is likely the recipient will receive the highest value offered through the state.

Social Security Disability Insurance

Social security disability insurance is provided according to the total number of years the individual worked. The payments are deducted from their wages throughout their work history and placed into the program. When a former worker becomes disabled, they can file for the benefits. They receive the total value presented to them based on their work history and accumulated benefits.

Qualifying Conditions for the Program

Qualifying conditions must present an inability to work in any industry. An applicant cannot receive benefits based on an inability to work in their preferred industry only. They must have a condition that is either mental or physical that stops them from working altogether.

Restrictions or Limitations for the Benefits

The supplemental security income program presents restrictions based on income. If the applicant lives with other people, they must disclose all income used to pay expenses in the home. Their benefits are reduced according to the monthly earnings of the parents or spouse. If the income exceeds the allowances, the program can deny benefits for that month. To know more, click here.

In Michigan, disability benefits are available to all parties with qualifying conditions. The program provides them with financial support that is paid out each month. The recipients also acquire Medicaid insurance. Individuals who need legal assistance in acquiring Disability Benefits in Kent County can contact Bleakley Law Offices P C to schedule an appointment today.

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