When You Need a DUI Attorney in Yorkville, IL

A situation that may be quite embarrassing is being stopped for drunk driving. Drunk driving charges are generally dealt with severely, no matter under what circumstances they occur and how many offenses the person has. A DUI attorney in Yorkville, IL helps clients who have been charged with drunk driving.

How Illinois Deals with Drunk Driving

Those who are charged with drunk driving in Illinois should realize that the state frowns harshly upon such a crime. So severely is this matter dealt with that the person will lose their driver’s license for one year if they refuse to submit to a blood alcohol test, even if not guilty. If found guilty even for a first offense, the offender can receive a one-year jail sentence and a fine of $2,500. This matter surely means that hiring a DUI attorney is critical.

The Next Steps to Take If Charged

If the individual is charged with drunk driving, the first thing they should do is get the advice of an attorney. The attorney will be needed to help the individual navigate through the various stages of the charge that will follow. The attorney can help the client find out about getting the license reinstated, if lost.

Other Possible Penalties

The person who is charged with drunk driving should realize that he or she could spend much time in jail or prison, be stuck with huge fines, or lose driving privileges. They could also have an ignition interlock device placed upon the driven vehicle, and they could be required to attend classes for drug and alcohol abuse.

Getting an Attorney’s Help

The Cosentino Law Firm has been helping clients fight drunk driving charges in the Yorkville, Illinois area for more than a decade. In addition to drunk driving, this law firm also helps with personal injury cases and business law. For anyone in need of a DUI attorney in Yorkville, IL, this law firm is available. Visit the website at Cosentinolaw.net for more information.

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