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by | Feb 7, 2013 | Criminal Lawyer


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While it’s not something many people think about on a regular basis, there may come a time that you find yourself in the position of needing a personal injury lawyer. No one wants to be in this position, and the process of finding just the right lawyer can be time consuming and frustrating. But there are ways to make it easier to find a lawyer who can assist with getting what you deserve for your personal injury.

A bad lawyer could end up costing you money rather than gaining it. Lawyers who want payments up front or who charge hourly are ones you want to avoid. A sign of a good lawyer is that he or she will work on a contingency basis. This basically means that the lawyer will pay any expenses up front, which will then be recovered by him or her once your case is settled and your money is received. Your lawyer will probably also charge a small percentage fee as payment for him or herself as well. Make sure you understand all fees that you will be charged before going ahead with any given lawyer.

A good way to begin looking for the right lawyer is to visit the American Bar Association website. This site offers a list of lawyer by state, so simply select your state and begin browsing. Be sure you’re looking at the right type of lawyer, as not all will handle personal injury cases and those who do tend to specialize in it. You will absolutely want a lawyer who is familiar with these situations and has experience handling, and winning, these cases.

If you happen to have a lawyer for other reasons, he or she may be able to make recommendations for you. Most good lawyers should be able to refer you to the person you need, and hopefully you’re already dealing with a trustworthy, competent lawyer who will make suggestions of the same. When you meet with the recommended lawyer, you may want to consider if your personalities are compatible enough to work together. You’ll be dealing a great deal with them, so you don’t want to work with one that you just can’t stand.

Don’t panic if your case is not finished up quickly. It can be hard to determine how long a settlement will take, or if your case will actually have to go to court. Keep in mind that your lawyer has other clients as well and is probably juggling multiple cases. This is normal, and as difficult as it may be, you’ll simply need a bit of patience. If you’ve selected the right lawyer, hopefully your case can be completed within a reasonable amount of time, and then you will no longer need to worry about receiving compensation for your personal injury.

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