An Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas Represents Motorcyclists Hurt in Accidents

Motorcycle accidents generally cause more serious injuries than accidents between passenger vehicles. Even with a helmet and leather gear, the rider is essentially unprotected compared to someone riding in a car. No matter what the cause of the accident was, this person may need an Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas to help obtain a reasonable amount of financial compensation from an insurance company.

Usually, the other driver is at fault in a motorcycle accident. The driver may not see the motorcyclist heading toward an intersection, and that passenger vehicle driver might make a left turn in front of the cyclist or start out from a stop sign when the cyclist has the right of way. The other driver may pull out of a driveway onto a highway in front of a motorcycle rider. These actions can cause serious injuries.

Sometimes, however, the motorcyclist is considered responsible for the accident, even if fault technically cannot be assigned. Swerving to avoid hitting a deer or a dead raccoon, for instance, can result in a serious crash. Roads can have potholes and other flaws that are hazardous to motorcyclists. An unexpected downpour can make roads slick and dangerous.

In some instances, the rider was being reckless. Darting in and out of traffic on a highway in order to move faster than the other travelers is an example. Speeding between two vehicles driving side by side is another problematic behavior. Even traveling relatively slowly between vehicles stopped in traffic can result in an accident if one of the cars or pickup trucks tries to pull into the next lane. Those drivers may not see the cyclist in the side or rearview mirror and never expect anyone to be traveling in that narrow area.

Speeding and intoxication account for some 50 percent of motorcycle accidents each year. Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous for a passenger vehicle too, but significantly more so on a motorcycle. Especially in these types of situations, an Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas may be necessary to overcome any objections by an insurer regarding compensation. Please visit a website such as to schedule a free consultation with an accident attorney.

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