Arranging release from jail

For anyone that has been arrested and placed in a jail cell, chances are there is only one thing on their mind; how do I get out of here? The normal approach is to arrange bail. Bail usually consists of cash, a pledge of property with a value equal to the bail amount or a bond arranged through companies that offer bail bond services in San Bernardino County. The objective of bail is quite simple; it amounts to your promise to return to court when called. If you follow through, the bail is returned, if you fail you forfeit the bail and the court will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Bail bond services:

If the individual that has been accused of a crime elects to use a bail bond service, the bondsman will make arrangements with the court to have the suspect released pending trial. Bail bond services in San Bernardino County take the responsibility of ensuring that the accused actually returns to court on the day of his or her trial.

How does bail work?

In order for the accused to secure his or her temporary freedom, a bail bond must be posted. To get this bond it takes collateral in the amount of the bond. Collateral can be anything really, as long as the value adds up to the bond amount. There are two types of bonds; cash and surety. As the term implies, a cash bond is backed by cash, a surety bond on the other hand is a promissory note.

The first step in arranging bail is to contact an agency that offers bail bond services in San Bernardino County. The agency will advise the amount of collateral that must be pledged. Once the paperwork has been completed, the agency posts the bond and you are released from detention.

It can be very advantageous to use a bail bond service because the amount of money that you, the accused; has to put up is less. If you post your own bail, you must put up 100 percent before you are released, when you arrange bail through a service you only have to pay a fee of between ten and 15 percent.

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