Bankruptcy Lawyer In Rockville – The Role Of Creditors, Trustees & You

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Lawyers


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A bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville will assist you in filing for bankruptcy if you are unable to pay back debts to creditors without assistance. During this time, the bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville will analyze your personal circumstances and your finances. Based on these results, communications will be made with the creditor and a plan scheduled so that you can pay the funds back in full. Sometimes, giving up your assets can help to pay back the debt quicker but the type of bankruptcy you file for will depend on what your current financial situation looks like. When you work with a bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville, it is worth understanding what the creditor, the trustees and you are required to do.

Bankruptcy Lawyer In Rockville – Your Credit Rating

The first thing to consider when you collaborate with a bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville will be your credit rating. It is important to know that your credit rating will change after you file for bankruptcy, because this is considered to be a severe case of being deeply in debt. Generally, bankruptcy will be present on your credit report for 10 years or less, depending on the circumstances. This may affect your chances of applying for credit however; there are ways that a lawyer can aid you in lifting financial burdens for good. The way in which your credit rating is impacted will depend on whether you have secured debt or unsecured debt.

Bankruptcy Lawyer In Rockville – Creditor Communications

The bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville will need to make communications with the creditor on a regular basis. This is so that a plan can be devised pertaining to the payments you make to relieve yourself of debts. Because the lawyer will be speaking with the creditor to arrange payments, the creditor will not be able to hassle you directly, as they may be able to do if you were to avoid getting help. This reduces the amount of stress on your part and the bankruptcy court will alert the creditor that you have actually filed for bankruptcy. They will be advised on a number of things, including the case number, the type of bankruptcy filed and the date arranged for meetings with creditors.

Bankruptcy Lawyer In Rockville – The Trustee

The trustee is someone else that you can talk about with a bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville. The role of the trustee is to administer the bankruptcy and collect any non-exempt property, as well as sell it on if possible. This will be beneficial for getting payments completed in a timely manner. The trustee will also work hard to make sure that the creditor gets the maximum amount of money possible, proving them to be an important figure in the process.


It is possible that some creditors will object to certain chapters of bankruptcy, so to discover what chapter you should file, it is worth speaking with a bankruptcy lawyer in Rockville. For information, visit

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