Before Accepting a Plea Deal, Contact a Drunk Driving Lawyer in Vermont

The standard process after an arrest is for the person to go through an arraignment. This is where they are officially charged with a crime and given a chance to plead guilty or innocent. If they plead innocent, they will need to prepare for a trial, and during this process, they’ll want to work with a drunk driving lawyer in Vermont.

What Are Plea Deals?

It is expensive for everyone involved to go through a trial, as well as incredibly time-consuming. The prosecution may offer a plea deal to avoid a trial. This typically means the person pleads guilty to a lesser offense and will receive a lighter sentence, but they will still have a criminal record. They can do this instead of going to trial if it’s likely they would be found guilty during the trial.

Is It a Good Idea to Accept a Plea Deal?

It depends. If the person has no hope of avoiding a conviction, a plea deal will enable them to receive a lower sentence. However, if there is a good chance of having the charges dropped or of the person being found not-guilty in court, it may be a bad idea to accept a plea bargain. The accused will want to weigh all of their options before they make any decision.

Making a Decision with a Lawyer’s Help

When someone needs to decide if a plea deal is a good option, it’s essential for them to make sure they contact a lawyer. They will not want to try to make this decision on their own as they might not realize that there is a way to avoid a conviction in their case. If they do not speak with a lawyer, they might accept the plea deal and find out later that they could have avoided any criminal charge on their record simply by having the right representation for their case.

If you’ve been arrested and charged with a DUI, make sure you contact a drunk driving lawyer in Vermont as quickly as possible. They can help you determine if a plea deal is going to be a good idea in your case. Contact us today for assistance dealing with your charges.

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