Caught in an Austin DWI Sweep? Get a Good Lawyer

In much of the nation, including Austin, law enforcement agencies are conducting DWI sweeps and setting up DUI roadblocks in order to crack down on drunk driving. Many communities conducted crackdowns over Super Bowl weekend in order to keep people from driving drunk after any parties. Any individuals who are arrested and charged in Austin will need the services of a good DWI lawyer.

WNYT recently reported that the Albany County Sheriff’s Office conducted one such effort between February 3 and February 6, during which time the department set up checkpoints and saturation patrols. Out of 415 traffic stops made, the sheriff’s office made 21 DWI arrests for drivers who were allegedly operating motor vehicles while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. A spokesperson from the sheriff’s office said, “The message that the Sheriff is trying to send is to expect these patrols every night and don’t drink and drive … have a plan in place, use a designated driver or call a taxi, just don’t get behind the wheel.”

Although the goal of reducing DWIs and the number of alcohol-related accidents and injuries is laudable, these massive sweeps are sometimes poorly conducted or done in such a way as to violate the rights of those charged. Because many arrests made during such crackdowns can be dismissed because of these irregularities, it is extremely important that anyone who faces DWI charges from such a sweep consult with an Austin DWI lawyer in order to determine if evidence was properly obtained or not.

Regardless of whether someone receives a DWI in Austin as the result of a roadblock or from a random traffic stop, it is essential for him or her to contact a lawyer as soon as possible. An Austin DWI lawyer will confirm, for example, whether or not the arresting officer even had the right to stop you. If field sobriety, breathalyzer or blood tests were administered, an experienced lawyer can look at the results and determine if the tests were done correctly and obtained accurate results.

Your lawyer will work diligently to get the DWI charges dropped or reduced because the reality is that if convicted, you will lose your license, most likely your job and your insurance rates will increase drastically. The conviction will also stay on your record for years to come so that any future employers will see it. Given the serious nature of these consequences, it makes sense to hire the best, most experienced Austin DWI lawyer that you can.

If you need of the services of an Austin DWI lawyer, Attorney Richard T. Jones has been assisting Austin residents for over 20 years. As a DWI lawyer, Mr. Jones has successfully handled over 3,000 misdemeanor cases and 1,000 felony cases by treating each client like a member of his family. Mr. Jones would be happy to consult with you or a family member for free. Contact him at 512.495.1813 or via the web at

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