Characteristics to Look for In a Personal Injury Attorney Portland OR

by | Jul 24, 2012 | Personal Injury Lawyer


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No one wants to ever get hurt in an auto accident, however over and over again people are harmed in accidents. If you’ve been hurt in an accident it is best that you hire a personal injury attorney Portland OR area that can assist you with getting the compensation that you deserve. Unfortunately, if you don’t obtain an attorney, chances are you’re going to end up with a financial burden that you don’t want to deal with. Unless someone with the proper training and knowledge is available to fight for your rights as a victim, chances are you’ll never see justice.

Below are some things that you should always look for in a good personal injury attorney Portland OR area:

Most auto accidents are resolved outside of court with a form of settlement. However, it is important that when you’re looking for a good personal injury attorney Portland OR area that you find one that has good experience going to trial. This bit of information can serve two benefits, one being that the other party will know that you mean business and the other is that should your case go to trial, you’ll be prepared. Having this kind of experience is important and this is a key factor that you should look for.

Another thing to look for as you search for a personal injury attorney Portland OR area is that they offer their clients free consultation. Anyone that charges you just to sit down and see if they can handle your case is probably not worth your time. Many law firms will offer their potential clients free consultations in an effort to win over their case.

To capitalize on the previous characteristic a good personal injury attorney Portland OR will have are contingencies. A really good lawyer will not expect a dime from their client if and until they win the settlement or trial. They take a fee from the winnings as their earnings. This is great as you’re probably already in dire straights. You don’t have any out of pocket expenses which is always a plus.

With these characteristics, you also want to find out about the law firm and their work ethics. You want to make sure that when you select the person that they are going to try to fight your case until you are given what you deserve. In order to get completely comfortable with your personal injury attorney Portland OR area you’re going to have to go in for a visit. During your initial consultation you have to treat it as an interview. Make sure that you ask questions to make sure that you are comfortable with the attorney you have chosen.

Since there are so many different options for payments there is really no reason to wait. Everything with an auto accident is really time sensitive and therefore you need to react immediately. If you are not aware of where to locate a good personal injury attorney Portland OR area you can search your local directory or online.


Have you been in a horrible car accident and need help paying your medical bills? Visit and speak with a personal injury attorney Portland OR area today.

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