Choosing the Right Child custody attorney Mequon WI

Going through a divorce or separation is difficult by itself, but when there are kids involved it makes it even worse. Child custody is not an easy thing to go through for the parents or the kids, but often there is no other choice. Choosing the right Child custody attorney Mequon WI can help make the process a bit easier on everyone involved. These tips can be beneficial in helping to get the process of finding the right lawyer on the right track from the beginning.

Be Prepared
Be prepared to share personal information about the previous and current relationship with the other parent as well as their relationship with the children. This information should include any history of physical or emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse, work history, criminal history and any other information relevant to continued parenting. This is the time where it is important to be honest about everything. Keep a folder that contains any paperwork that can be used as evidence such as arrest reports or medical records that show proof of any abuse.

Ask Questions
It may be helpful to write down any important questions before meeting with the child custody lawyer. These questions can include things like fees, the different types of custody, child support, visitation rights, parenting classes and general questions about the process and requirements for each parent. The attorney should be able to eliminate the legal jargon and explain the process in a way that is easy to understand. Understanding the legal process and requirements can help relieve some of the stress surrounding the situation.

Meet with Several Prospective Attorneys before Making a Final Choice
Do not be in a rush to make a decision. Meet with several Child custody attorney in Mequon WI before making a final choice. This allows a small peek into the lawyer’s personality and can go a long way in helping to choose someone that is compatible with the both the client, the children and their needs. This also offers an opportunity to find out about the experience that the attorney has in family and child custody law. They should be experienced with working with kids and always be willing to put the needs of the children first.

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