Common Questions A Workers Comp Lawyer In Winnebago County, IL Can Answer

In Illinois, employers must provide workers compensation coverage if they hire more than one worker. The coverage provides payments for medical expenses and monetary benefits for workers who are injured while working. A Workers Comp Lawyer in Winnebago County IL can answer common questions about these cases and injury claims.

Are There Deadlines for These Claims?

According to local workers compensation laws, the worker has a period of thirty days to report their injuries to their employer, and if they don’t report the injuries, the worker won’t have any coverage after the first month. Their doctor must provide the claim form to the insurer in under ten days, or this could forfeit coverage for the injuries and medical costs. If the worker chooses to file a legal claim, they have two years to start their lawsuit.

If the Injury is Linked to Fault Equipment is the Employer the Only Defendant?

No, the employer would be at fault due to a failure to provide a duty by allowing their workers to use fault equipment to perform their job duties. However, the manufacturer who provided the equipment could also be at fault if the worker can prove that the manufacturer knew the equipment was faulty.

Can Companies Change and Enforce Safety Policies After the Accident?

Yes, however, these changes cannot apply to this accident, and it cannot change the worker’s access to benefits based on these modifications. This is a loophole that some companies will use to avoid paying monetary benefits. Even if the worker signs the new policy after their accident, these new policies won’t prevent access to worker’s compensation benefits.

What Happens if the Worker is Denied Benefits?

The insurer must provide an exact reason for why the worker was denied benefits. The worker can use this reason to determine if they have a viable claim against the employer and the insurer.

In Illinois, employers must follow all workers compensation laws that apply to accidents that occur inside their building or involve their workers. The laws entitle injured workers with payment for their medical expenses and benefits to replace their wages. Workers who need to speak to a Workers Comp Lawyer in Winnebago County IL can contact A Law Office of Crosby & Associates for more information now.

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