Do You Need a DUI Defense Attorney in California?

When you are charged with a DUI, you need to find expert legal help immediately. Do not try to go it alone when you are making a case, as these cases can become quite complicated. Instead, retain the services of a professional so you can build a defense for your case.

Develop a Defense Strategy

That is why it is essential you contact a DUI defense attorney without delay. The sooner you set up a consultation, the sooner you can receive the assistance you need. After all, an arrest does not mean you have been convicted. By working with an attorney, you can reduce or eliminate some of the harsh penalties imposed for DUIs. These penalties can include the suspension of a driver’s license as well as the issuance of sizable fines.

Field Sobriety Tests

When working with a DUI defense attorney, you will find that a number of legal defenses are regularly used. It just depends on the facts of the case. One of the defenses has to do with measuring impairment. For example, field sobriety tests, or FSTs, do not always accurately measure drunkenness.

In some instances, the defense may focus on an officer’s actions. For example, observation periods should last for 15 minutes overall. If you were not observed for this period of time by an officer, then you stand a better chance of seeing a better outcome for your case.

The Proper Protocol Needs to Be Followed

Another defense involves mental alertness. Some attorneys can show that their clients were mentally alert and therefore were not under the influence. And as noted, if an arresting officer does not follow proper protocol, then you also have a viable defense.

In order to further find out what you can do in this respect, contact Michael D. Shook, Attorney at Law. You can contact the firm by phone at 310-320-0102. You can also pay a visit at 2276 Torrance Boulevard in Torrance, California. You can pay a visit on Facebook page for more information!

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