DUI Attorney Cambridge MD Firms Provide Effective Legal Representation

The individual who gets caught by law enforcement while driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can often face severe consequences. However, depending upon the circumstances, there are situations in which having maximum penalties imposed can be avoided with the right lawyer. Usually, a DUI attorney Cambridge MD provider is very instrumental in helping the accused obtain a more favorable outcome such as a smaller fine or sentence.

Competent Defense Lawyer
It’s important to find legal representation with experience handling drunk driving cases. This might require a little research and consultation with different lawyers before determining the right advocate. Making a list of the top choices and then narrowing it down will help you stay organized. Employing the services of a general criminal defense lawyer might not always be the best option. You need someone who fully understands the intricacies of DUI laws in your state.

Successful Track Record
An experienced and skilled DUI attorney Cambridge MD practitioner will be updated on current regulations and represents many others with cases similar to yours. A major consideration is not how many cases they have taken on, but the ratio of successful wins to losses. Before making a confirmed commitment to have them on your case, the majority of lawyers offer potential customers a free initial consultation. Good communication between the attorney and client is important. Make certain the lawyer representing you listens carefully to what you are saying.

Aggravated Felony Charges
In most areas aggravated DUI is a very serious crime. This is an elevated charge reserved for situations in which personal injury is caused as a direct result of the intoxicated driver. Additionally, those convicted previously of multiple drunken driving offenses or with a revoked or suspended license may also face an aggravated charge. Usually, the penalties and fines are much higher. This is especially true if the other party has sustained life-threatening injuries or was killed. When the crime is a felony, the penalty could even include confinement in jail.

Penalties and Fines
When the defendant is given probation instead of active prison time, they generally will have several other conditions that must be met during this probationary period. Common terms usually include substance abuse counseling and testing, payment of fines and costs to the court, along with victim restitution if there was personal injury involved. Most defendants also face a lengthy license suspension. A competent DUI attorney Cambridge MD specialist is there to assist accused drivers in attaining the best possible result through reduced drunk driving charges.




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