Get Help With Your Questions About Child Support in Washington Indiana

When parents choose to separate, the financial support of their children often needs to be resolved through the court. Custodial parents typically prefer to have a court order for child support so they can count on getting the money every month. This can help a parent plan their budget and ensure their children have everything they need. Unfortunately, both parents are rarely pleased with the amount of child support ordered by the court. The paying parent often believes the amount is too high while the parent with primary custody might feel like the child support is not enough.

An attorney who understands the intricacies of child support in Washington, Indiana may help a parent understand how the system works and what they can expect. The court is required to consider the available resources of each parent when computing the amount that one parent must pay to the other for the care of their minor children. Child support is designed to replace the financial support the children lost when their parent moved out of the home. In most cases, it only helps the custodial parent meet the children’s basic needs.

Extracurricular activities, clothing for special occasions and travel may need to be paid for by agreement between the parents. Since these costs are not included in the formula for child support in Washington, Indiana, parents sometimes disagree on how they should be handled. In cases of divorce, it can be helpful to make arrangements for additional expenses before they occur and write the agreement into the divorce decree. Knowing they won’t have to do without these things can help the children and their custodial parents breathe a little easier.

Issues like child support should not be handled alone. Both parents should work with an experienced attorney to help them through the process and ensure their rights are protected. To get more information about how an attorney can help, visit website dedicated to family law. Whether you are just trying to establish a child support order, or you need to get an existing order modified, an attorney may be able to help you.

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