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An injury from an accident or intentional act can be devastating, both physically and financially. Great emotional distress can also occur as a result of a personal injury. An Injury Lawyer Granite City IL can help determine if you are entitled to financial compensation for your injury.

What kinds of injuries can get monetary compensation?

Monetary compensation for injuries may be awarded when the injury is from an accident, an intentional act, a defective product, or from defamation. An accident may be caused by unintentional acts of others, such as in a car accident or an injury due to medical malpractice. An intentional act is an injury purposefully caused by another individual, such as in an assault. A product may be defective if it has a faulty design, was manufactured incorrectly, or if it does not include appropriate warning labels or instructions. Defamation is injury to ones reputation due to verbal or printed information.

How does an injury case proceed?

Initially, a lawyer can help negotiate a settlement in behalf of the injured individual. A settlement is an agreement between the injured individual and person or party responsible for the injury. That settlement may include monetary compensation to cover medical bills, lost wages, and any other reasonable loss as a result of the injury. If the injured and the person causing the injury cannot agree on a settlement, a lawsuit can be filed to get the compensation needed and deserved.

Where can I find laws regarding personal injury?

Unlike other legal activities, such as in criminal cases where laws and codes are written down, personal injury court decisions are guided by previous court decisions. An Injury Lawyer in Granite City IL is an expert in injury law and knows the ins and outs to getting deserved compensation.

What is the time limit to file an injury claim?

The statute of limitations, or time limit to file a personal injury, varies in each state. In IL, the statute of limitations for personal injury is 2 years.

Who can help?

Contact Brunton Law Offices for an Injury Lawyer Granite City IL to get help with a personal injury claim.

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