Have You Suffered From a Serious Auto Wreck Injury in Bessemer, AL?

Most people will be involved in an auto wreck at some point in their life. Unfortunately, some wrecks can leave behind serious injuries that can be life-threatening and end up causing permanent disability. When people are injured because of careless or incompetent drivers, the driver responsible owes them compensation. To determine how much an injured person is owed, it can be beneficial for people to meet with an attorney to discuss their auto wreck injury in Bessemer, AL. An attorney can go over all of the injuries and damages to determine how a case needs to be proceed and what can be pursued in the way of compensation.

When an injured person meets with the attorney, they should plan on bringing in information to help prove their case. The attorney will want the injured person to recount how the accident occurred and what types of injuries they suffer from. Bringing in medical records, police records, and medical reports can all prove helpful. Should the injured party have any further evidence, such as photos, videos, or eyewitness statements, they should also present these to the attorney.

The first stage in pursuing a claim is to begin gathering evidence. If an insurance company is involved, the attorney will need to pursue them first to see what they are willing to offer to the injured person. It will be the job of the insurance adjuster to determine what compensation amount is offered in the settlement. If the attorney reviews the compensation settlement offer and does not feel it will properly benefit the injured party, it can be refused, and the attorney can make the decision to pursue the case at trial.

While trials are often lengthy, they can sometimes allow injured people to end up with a greater level of compensation due to the jury being able to award pain and suffering and punitive damages in some cases. Though the vast majority of cases are settled outside of court, some cases need to go to trial.

If you have suffered serious injuries due to an auto wreck injury in Bessemer, AL, contact the office of Forstman and Cutchen LLP to see how they can help you. Schedule a consultation appointment to get started.

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