How a Chapter 13 Lawyer Ephrata, PA Can Help You

by | Nov 20, 2012 | Lawyers


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Chapter 13 Lawyer Ephrata, PA

Chapter 13 Lawyer Ephrata, PA

Chapter 13 of the bankruptcy code allows you to have debt relief that enables you to reorganize yourself financially. This is usually done under the watchful eyes of a federal bankruptcy court. To ensure you are granted bankruptcy under this code and you comply with the regulations of the court, you need an experienced Chapter 13 lawyer. Such a lawyer will understand the process you need to follow and the pitfalls you might encounter along the way.

Your Chapter 13 lawyer Ephrata, PA will formulate a plan that has to be approved by the court. It should lay down the strategy you intend to follow to ensure you reorganize yourself financially and you manage to pay your outstanding debts.

A good Chapter 13 lawyer should be able to analyze your financial characteristics. For instance, you must have the right amount of disposable income to enable you to fund your feasible plan. Your plan should propose a strategy in which you can pay your debts over a period of 3 to 5 years.

Your Chapter 13 lawyer Ephrata, PA should be in a position to help you write detailed plans of all the future transactions you intend to engage in and the period of time they will take. In addition, you should be able to commence repaying some of your debts within 30 to 45 days after you start the case. Your creditors will not be allowed to attempt collecting their debts from you and your lawyer will ensure that this order is given for your protection. Your attorney should also ensure none of your necessary property is confiscated from you by the debtors.

Some of the benefits you will accrue from Chapter 13 as your Chapter 13 lawyer will inform you are that you could stop a foreclosure before it happens to you. Unfortunately, you should be able to pay your mortgage by the time your bankruptcy ends or else the threat of foreclosure could return to haunt you eventually.

Another advantage you might receive when your Chapter 13 lawyer Ephrata, PA successfully petition for this chapter is that you will manage to super discharge any of your debts, a feature that would not be allowed under Chapter 7. This ability for providing debt relief is an enticing factor in choosing a good lawyer.

Achieving success in such a field requires a lawyer who is aggressive and intelligent to quash any counter-arguments against being granted Chapter 13. Such lawyers are available if you would care to look at the right places. If your Chapter 13 lawyer does not have anything to show for the time that he or she has been representing other clients, you should get another one quickly. Just ask the lawyer’s former clients or look at his or her portfolio to determine this.

To save you a great deal of time, look for the best Chapter 13 lawyer in Ephrata PA at Here you will find more information about the different chapters of the bankruptcy code.

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