How a DUI Attorney in Salisbury MD Can Help the Wrongly Accused

Drinking and driving is never a good idea, because those who do so put everyone in danger. Drunk drivers are many times more likely than sober ones to cause accidents, and the harm that results rarely confines itself to those who were responsible. While drunk driving remains a serious problem throughout Maryland and surrounding states, the authorities have made plenty of important progress toward taking control of the issue.

The more aggressive policing that receives credit for much of this will therefore not go away anytime soon, and for good reason. At the same time, especially aggressive enforcement of DUI laws can sometimes result in innocent people being charged. For those who find themselves in this situation, speaking to a DUI attorney in Salisbury, MD at the very first opportunity will always be advisable.

As a look at the Ocean City Lawyer website will show, the fact is that many accusations of drunk driving turn out to be unsupported. For various reasons, police officers on the scene regularly end up arresting drivers who were actually well within legal limits. A DUI attorney in Salisbury, MD will be far better positioned than a laymen to figure out when and how this might have happened and to make the reality clear in court.

Ultimately, most common mistakes of this kind come down to a few simple things. The breath analyzers that many Maryland police departments rely so heavily on, for instance, are not always as accurate as many would suppose. Beyond requiring regular calibration and extensive training on the part of those who use them, they can produce inaccurate results as a byproduct of a particular person’s physiology. Understanding when the appearance of guilt that such a faulty test can produce must be addressed is something that lawyers are typically well equipped to do.

The same basic idea holds with regard to the field sobriety tests that likewise so often produce false positives. In each and every case, anyone who is wrongly accused will benefit from consulting with a lawyer. Because the damage that can be done by a DUI conviction is often so severe, making sure that a person’s innocence shines through clearly should always be a priority.

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