How A Premises Liability Injury Attorney In Gig Harbor Identifies A Viable Case

Washington’s personal injury laws identify premise’s liabilities as unsafe conditions that caused a direct injury. In these cases, the owner of the property is responsible if he or she was aware of the condition and failed to remedy it. However, the first step is to identify whether or not the victim had the legal right to enter the premises in the first place.

Identifying the Victim

An invitee has the legal right to enter the property as he or she was invited. Equally, a licensee retains this right through a contract arranged by the owner. In these instances, the owner could be deemed at fault for injuries that occur within their property. A premises liability injury attorney in Gig Harbor could help these victims to file a claim.

Alternately, an individual who is identified as a trespasser doesn’t have any legal right to enter the premises. These individuals enter the area on their own accord and cannot file an injury claim as it is their own fault. If an injury claim is filed by a trespasser, the homeowner has the legal right to counter this claim by filing a criminal complaint against them.

Identifying Unsafe Conditions

In commercial properties, the owner or manager is required to notify the public of unsafe conditions within their building. Retailers must place signs around the affected area to prevent customers from entering these locations. Any location in which construction is underway must have signs posted clearly at the entrance of these areas. If the owner has visible warnings, the victim is less likely to have a legal right to damages when the owner arranges for medical attention. However, any owner who fails to comply with safety regulations and knew about these conditions is at fault for the injuries.

Victims who are injured within publicly-accessible areas must provide evidence of negligence. While the owner may not have caused the injuries directly, they are at fault when they failed to maintain the property during times in which customers or attendees are present. After an injury, you should contact a Premises Liability Injury Attorney in Gig Harbor at Otto Law Offices.

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