How Bail Is Set and Why Service From a Bail Bondsman in Hollywood Florida Often Is Needed

Since a person charged with a crime is supposed to be considered innocent until proven guilty, it would seem that locking this person up until trial would be unconstitutional. But many defendants have to stay in jail unless they pay a large sum of money known as bail. They receive the money back when the case is over, but many people cannot afford this amount in the first place. They rely on a bail Bondsman in Hollywood Florida to help them regain their freedom.

How Bail Is Set

Bail can be set in several ways. Jurisdictions have set bail schedules with standard amounts for the more common crimes. Court hearings also are held to set bail for people who had been arrested overnight or over the weekend. Some jurisdictions have duty judges who set bail by phone without the necessity of a court hearing. The judge considers not only the charges that have been made, but the person’s previous criminal history and whether he or she has strong ties to the community.

Posting of a Surety Bond

Once bail has been determined, the defendant or a close acquaintance can contact a Bondsman in Hollywood Florida to apply for the posting of a surety bond. The service charges a percentage of the bail amount to post this bond, which the court accepts as a guarantee that the defendant will appear at all hearings and at trial, if the case is not resolved before trial.

When Cases End Before Trial

Most of the time, criminal cases end through other means. The defense attorney and prosecuting attorney negotiate a plea bargain that a judge approves. Or the defense attorney finds enough problems with the case that the prosecution drops charges or a judge dismiss the case.

In the meantime, though, the defendant wants to be out of jail and going on with life. That includes going to work and being able to pay bills, as well as meeting family obligations. Acquiring a bond posting from an organization such as 24 Hour ASAP Bail Bonds accomplishes this. Anyone who needs fast assistance may start with the website

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