How Does the DUI Lawyer in Pensacola Help Clients

Many people have heard that it is difficult to avoid conviction for a DUI. Although there are many instances when it is difficult to avoid conviction, that does not mean a DUI Lawyer Pensacola can’t help. In some instances, the DUI attorney can get the charges dropped. In other instances, the attorney can get the amount of punishment reduced. Due to the harshness of the punishment for DUI, it is advisable for most people charged with this crime to get legal counsel as soon as possible.

Ideally, defendants want to avoid any conviction for DUI. The DUI Lawyer Pensacola can help clients achieve that goal in many instances. Although it may seem like the district attorney has a solid case, that may not be true. For example, it is common for DUI attorneys to look at the initial police stop and search to see if it was legal or not. In the United States, police officers need either consent from the defendant or probable cause to search a vehicle. To get consent, the defendant has to explicitly grant permission. It is not enough to acquiesce. In most instances, police officers claim probable cause to search the vehicle legally without consent. A good DUI attorney will not assume that the search was legal. If the police did not find evidence to suspect a crime in plain view through the windows, then the search may be declared illegal by the court. For example, if a police officer sees a bag of marijuana through the windows, that is more than enough for probable cause.

If the search and police stop were legal, the DUI Lawyer Pensacola may try to plea bargain with the prosecutor so that the charges will be less severe. It is risky for both sides to go to a court trial. Juries can be unpredictable when deciding a case. Also, there is significant expense in going to a trial. If the evidence against the defendant is not strong, it may be possible to significantly reduce the punishment in exchange for a guilty plea.

The maximum punishment for DUI can be quite harsh including jail or prison time. Avoiding time in jail or prison means the defendant will have his freedom and the ability to make money at a job. That is how it can be worthwhile to hire a DUI Lawyer Pensacola even when plea bargaining.

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