How to Choose a Lawyer in Weatherford, TX

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Lawyers


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When one needs a lawyer, the maze of different types of attorneys may inspire a bit of befuddlement. The first step to retaining a lawyer is to determine which type one needs. This choice depends on what circumstances of the situation. A few types of lawyers are personal injury attorneys, family law attorneys, probate attorneys, criminal attorneys, and commercial litigation attorneys. These lawyers may even specialize within these field. Knowing something about each category of lawyer Weatherford TX may help one find a lawyer to meet his or her needs.

Different types of attorneys deal with different situations. Personal injury attorneys deal with any type of physical or emotional injury that is the fault of another because of negligence or intent. These injuries may be relevant to a slip and fall, a car accident, an animal bite, or medical malpractice. Another type of attorney deals with family law. This lawyer will deal with divorce, child custody, and adoption. Probate attorneys deal with the dissolution of a deceased person’s estate. This attorney would guide one who wishes to create or dispute a will. He or she would also be able to guide one dealing with executing an estate. Should one be arrested and charged with a crime, he or she needs a criminal attorney. Some criminal attorneys specialize in specific crimes, while others defend anyone charged with a crime. When businesses are the defendants of lawsuits, a commercial litigation attorney is required. This type of attorney will guide clients through cases involving things like breach of contract or class action lawsuits.

Once one determines which type of lawyer will best meet his or her needs, other variables will come into play. The most important is method of payment. Some attorneys work on contingency, which means nothing is due up front. They make a percentage of any reward they win for the client. Other attorneys require a retainer and are paid hourly. This hourly rate will also depend on how the time is spent. Time spent in court costs more than time researching the case. Still other attorneys charge a flat rate per service. These cases typically include bankruptcy or divorce. Choosing an attorney can be confusing, but when one is in a difficult legal situation, he or she needs a lawyer in Weatherford TX.

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