Important Things to Understand About Illinois Divorce Law

When it comes time to start researching Illinois divorce law, you are likely in a situation that is already emotional and stressful. Not knowing what is important to understand and what is going to be filler can add to that anxiety. We’ve complied a list of some of the most important things to know when in the process of a divorce.

Case Length Varies

In some cases, a divorce can take a month from start to finish. This is typically the case when you and your spouse can agree on every single thing related to the divorce. Unfortunately, this is not common. Instead, the process of divorce can take months or even longer. If you are arguing about a property, a business, or children, it can lead the case to drag on. Having an excellent Oak Park divorce attorney may be able to help.

Joint Custody Definition

When talking about joint custody, this may not mean exactly what you think it does. It refers to decisions on parenting. It does not relate to how much time you spend with your children. To ensure having time with your children, the best option is to document all of the things you do for the kids. This includes everything from playing with them to changing diapers, helping with homework, and driving them to school.

Attorney Choice

There are a few things you should look for in your Oak Park divorce attorney. You want someone who specializes in or exclusively works in family law. You also want to determine that they have a reasonable amount of experience. Having an attorney who does work in your county is also a plus. This likely means they are familiar with the Judges and processes that occur in your area.

Set Short and Long-Term Goals

While you are working on the divorce case, having goals can make things easier. You should have a list of short-term goals that relate to the next six months or so. You should also have a list of long-term goals, such as where you want to be or what you want to be doing five years down the line. Once you have this information, you can push to get the things you need to make them a reality.

For those who are going through a divorce in Oak Park, M. Scott Gordon & Associates would be happy to stand by your side.

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