Questions to Ask of Your Business Lawyer in Annapolis, MD

A Business Lawyer in Annapolis MD deals with sensitive matters on a daily basis. They know things about the company that typically only the owners know, as they need this information to ensure all laws, rules and regulations are being met. Unfortunately, a business owner may not find out that they have been working with an unscrupulous person until it is too late. People trusted Bernie Madoff with their money, only to later learn this was a mistake. A small business owner cannot afford to do the same with their lawyer. Following are questions every business owner should ask when hiring a professional of this type.

Has disciplinary action ever been taken against the attorney or anyone in his or her office? Ask the attorney this question, but don’t let that be the end of the matter. Follow up and ensure the attorney is being truthful and accurate in this area. The bar association can be of great help with this, but don’t hesitate to contact other professional organizations also. The Better Business Bureau is a great place to start, as they can share information about complaints lodged against the attorney and/or his or her firm.

Who is the office will have access to sensitive information? Paralegals, junior attorneys and more may be asked to work on certain aspects of a client’s business. The business owner needs to know that they can be trusted with this information, just as the attorney can be trusted. Learn who handles what tasks within the office, what kind of background check has been done on employees and more before hiring an attorney. An entrepreneur cannot be too safe when it comes to sensitive information, such as trademark filings or new franchise agreements, to ensure the wrong information won’t be shared.

Are there any other clients that could lead to a conflict? Former business partners and competitors could result in a conflict of interest. Having this information beforehand makes it easier to determine which attorney is right for a business before any sensitive information is shared.

When hiring a Business Lawyer in Annapolis MD, numerous other questions should be asked. These three are only a starting point. Don’t hesitate to develop an extensive list to present to any attorney being considered in the hiring process. It’s always better to know too much than too little. For more information you can visit or their Facebook page.

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