Reasons to Keep a Business Law Attorney on Speed-Dial

Even a small business will likely require the services of a Business Law Attorney at some point during its operations, so it’s a good idea to hire one preemptively before the need for legal representation arises. Attorneys practicing business law can help their clients deal with everything from lawsuits and liability issues to ensuring their buildings meet zoning compliance, so the retainer is money well spent. Not convinced? Take a look at this short list of services typically offered by attorneys practicing business law.

Dealing With Lawsuits

Waiting ’til an individual or corporate entity has already filed a lawsuit to hire an attorney is a mistake. Even a skilled attorney is unlikely to be able to do anything about it but damage control. In comparison, having a Business Law Attorney on speed-dial to offer advice and keep the business out of trouble, to begin with, can prevent lawsuits from even making it to court. This doesn’t just help keep the company’s bottom line out of the red; it also helps protect its reputation.

Negotiating Contracts

Drafting and negotiating contracts are very common practice in businesses of all sizes. Those who consult with an attorney prior to entering into a new contract will know that their business’s assets are being adequately protected. Attorneys are exceedingly familiar with the obtuse legal language and know when additional clauses need to be added to protect their clients. It’s also important to have a lawyer when another party has breached a contract, as he or she can clarify the legal options available to the company.

Government Compliance

Complaints as simple as non-compliance with zoning laws can easily end up ruining a start-up or small business when it doesn’t have legal counsel to depend on. Local, state, and federal governments often find a reason to file suit against companies for issues such as employee complaints or tax inconsistencies. Attorneys can help their clients deal with these problems expediently and minimize the possibility of losing substantial sums of money.

Whether a business is being bought, sold, or being run as usually, it’s important to know where to turn for legal advice and representation.

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