Seeking Custody of Your Children? Here’s What You Need to Consider

Are you and your spouse considering a divorce? If so, there are plenty of big decisions ahead of you. One of the most important is who will get custody of your children during the divorce. As a parent, you obviously feel that you are an excellent choice for a custodial parent, but are you? Apart from working with an experienced Highland Park, child custody attorney, here are some important factors to consider before pushing for custody.

Relocation in the Future

The state of Illinois has complex laws when it comes to where divorced parents can relocate, and who must permit for a move to even take place. Simply put, if your ex-spouse has a problem with your relocating, the chances are good that the court will not approve the move in the first place unless you meet specific requirements. For instance, permission isn’t necessary for residents of Cook, Kane, Henry, DuPage and Will counties if you’re only moving 25 miles away. Out of state relocation may be a problem, as well.

Life Adjustments for Your Kids

As parents, we all want our kids to spend as much time with us as possible. However, we need to face that fact that this isn’t always in their best interests. For instance, suppose you were awarded custody of your children in the divorce. Once the dust settles, they’re forced to move out of the home they’ve known all their lives, change schools, and move miles away from their friends. Their lives are completely uprooted. However, there are instances when those changes can be good things – experienced legal counsel can help you determine what’s best.

Roommates or Live-Ins?

Your living situation also needs to be considered. Will you be living alone? Will you have a roommate or are you in a relationship with someone else? Does that other person have any criminal history? If so, having your child in the home is probably a bad decision. A Highland Park child custody attorney can guide you.

There are many other factors that need to be considered when considering pushing for child custody. The size of your home, the amount of time you’ll be able to spend with your child, your income, and many other things matter. Not sure what the right decision is? We invite you to follow us and contact the Law Offices of Michael C. Craven for a free initial consultation.

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