Selecting Criminal Defense in Marietta

There are a number of things to remember when selecting a criminal defense lawyer in Marietta. The following article will provide you with some tips that can help you in choosing the right legal counsel for your individual case:

1. Consider an attorney over a public defender: although you may feel as though you cannot afford a private attorney, many private attorneys are willing to meet and consult with clients. They might be able to work out payment plans for their services. Many public defenders are taking on more than 2 to 300 cases at once while the average attorney normally only handles around 100 cases. As a result of public defender will not be able to give you the same time and support that an attorney and this can jeopardize the outcome of your case. For criminal defense in Marietta trust a criminal defense lawyer or attorney over a public defender.

2. Try and find a criminal defense attorney that practices or has a specialty in the defense for you: many criminal defense attorneys in Marietta have specialties such as drug related crime, theft, violent crimes or spousal abuse crimes, working with a criminal defense lawyer that specializes in the crime in which you’ve been accused with can help you to get the best defense possible.

3. Look into ratings and legal organizations that your criminal defense is a member of: many lawyers are involved with state bar associations along with the associations for lawyers which can help them to be more connected and learn a great deal about new defenses and precedents. If your lawyer is part of the a national association of criminal lawyers, he or she will be much better equipped to handle your case. A Martindale Hubbell rating is an overall ethics rating for criminal defense lawyers as well. Many lawyers have not participated in this but, looking into the rating system can allow you to find a lawyer that has been rated extremely well in the past and will do good job for you. AV is the highest rating to look for.

4. Ask about the bill: as stated before many criminal defense lawyers in Marietta are able to divide up their cost of services and give you a break depending on the nature of your case. It’s important to ask for a detailed list of their fees before you sign on to work with them. It’s also important to know what would happen if your lawyer or attorney was unable to make it to one of your hearings and how much of the work on your case they will actually be doing. In some cases pieces of your case will be handed off to a legal aid or to a colleague to construct or defense or to sit in on your case.

By checking into these issues you can help us select the best criminal defense in Marietta.

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