Situations That Call for Seeking Legal Advice in Fort Wayne, IN

by | Dec 15, 2015 | Lawyers


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Just about every area resident will need some type of legal advice in Fort Wayne, IN at one time or another. Attorneys can provide support with a wide number of issues. Here are some of the more common reasons that people seek legal counsel when they are not sure what to do next.

Getting Married for the Second Time

After the first marriage and the financial hardship that resulted from the divorce, it is natural to be a little concerned when contemplating a second marriage. What if this one ends up not working out? Before the big day arrives, it pays to sit down with an attorney and get some legal advice in Fort Wayne, IN about prenuptial agreements. Documents of this type can make sure the assets of both parties are protected if the marriage does come to an end. Many agreements can also include provisions that address any assets that are acquired up to the date the marriage is ended. That will go a long way toward ensuring that, even if the union does not last, each party will emerge from the divorce with some financial assets to start over.

Making End of Life Plans

It pays to think about what will happen to loved ones when someone dies. Along with securing a life insurance policy, there is the matter of making sure property and personal belongings are passed on without any fighting among relatives and other loved ones. To keep things simple, it makes sense to work with an attorney to design a last will and testament. Some people would also want to consider adding a living will to their collection of documents since the living will allows the individual to state any wishes regarding being kept alive using life support technology.

Facing a Civil Suit

If someone is suing the individual for any reason, it pays to seek advice from an attorney. In some cases, the matter can be settled without having to admit guilt or go to court. At other times, the attorney may determine the suit is frivolous and prepare a counter suit.

For more ideas on when to seek legal advice, check out today. If necessary, consult an attorney and take whatever action is necessary to resolve an upcoming issue.

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