The Importance of Being Honest With a Child Custody Lawyer in Bel Air MD

Whether it’s a little too much indulgence in alcohol, having dabbled with marijuana use or dating a few different people at once, these types of issues can come up in a contentious child custody case. It’s essential for a client to be honest with a Child Custody Lawyer in Bel Air MD so that attorney isn’t blindsided if these issues are brought up at a hearing or in a mediation session.

If the custody issue has come up long after a divorce is final, the ex-spouses may not be all that aware of each other’s behavior. But if the divorce is relatively recent and the custody battle is taking place within that context, the spouses have most likely been living together within the past year. They know about each other’s alcohol and drug use, and how much time is normally spent with the kids during free time as opposed to other activities. The divorce may have come about because one spouse was cheating on the other. A Child Custody Lawyer in Bel Air MD must know all the factors that could undermine a case in order to adequately address them and craft a defense.

An individual who has been drinking too much and now risks losing custody may agree to attend counseling or participate in an outpatient rehab program. Family judges do not like to disrupt the lives of the children or separate them from parents, and they don’t like to change the status quo if the kids are doing well. Nevertheless, evidence of drinking problems or other questionable issues work against the parent and could result in at least temporary loss of custody.

Dating may not be problematic in the eyes of a judge unless the person is shown to be particularly promiscuous or has casual romantic partners sleeping overnight at the house when the children are present. An attorney like Maria Caruso can help a client draft a legal arrangement that stipulates no sleep-overs unless the children are with the other parent. There are many ways for two parents to come to agreements on their differences and keep peace within this family.

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