The Role Of A Florida Immigration Attorney

If you are an immigrant living in Florida, you may be concerned about your status. The thought of leaving America may be troublesome. It can also cause fear if you are here to escape persecution. If you have any concerns, it is essential you get in touch with a lawyer. If you live in Florida, although immigration is a federal matter, a Tampa immigration attorney would be able to advise you. His or her advice may depend upon your classification.

Classification of Aliens

Aliens are classified under a number of different categories. These are as follows:

  • Non-resident: This refers to an alien who is only pursuing temporary residency in the United States. He or she has a specific purpose in requesting this form of classification.
  • Resident Alien: This term refers to anyone who is not an American citizen but nevertheless is living here. A resident alien has the legal right and appropriately approved documents to permit this stay.
  • Immigrant: An Immigrant is referred to as a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) or Legal Permanent Alien (LPA). In other words, they have the legal right to be here.
  • Non-Immigrant: He or she is an alien who has been granted the right to temporarily live in the United States under specific conditions, guidelines and rules.
  • Undocumented or Illegal Alien: An alien who has no paperwork that allows him or her to remain in the country legally
  • Documented Worker: An alien in the country who has the papers to work at the job he or she is performing

A knowledgeable immigration attorney can help clarify your status before deciding the approach to take to improve or advance your situation.

Common Issues and concerns

Immigrants visit a law firm to talk to an immigration attorney about several issues and concerns. They usually have to do with fear in the change of their status. Among the many worries an alien may face if he or she knowingly or unwittingly violate the immigration laws of the United States deportation looms the largest. In Tampa, an immigration attorney may be able to help.

Why Contact a Florida Immigration Attorney?

Although immigration is not a state matter, in Florida, a Tampa immigration attorney can help you in several ways. He or she can determine your status. An immigration attorney can then address your specific needs and work towards the desirable outcome of residency or naturalization. He or she can even let you know about such Florida state programs as the DREAM Act legislation which governs college-age Alien youth.

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