What is a Guardianship Ontario Case?

by | Jun 4, 2012 | Lawyers


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As children are growing up, they need guidance from adults to ensure that they learn their lessons in life and that they are always aware of how to take care of themselves. Thus, guardianship Ontario proceedings ensure that children always have someone around to guide them in important matters. If both parents are still living and still married, they are considered as the guardians of their children. Even if the parents have divorced, they still retain guardianship of their children. Unlike adoption, guardianship can actually be revoked and the child can then be placed with another guardian to take care of him or her.

Talk to Your Appointed Guardians
If you have children of your own, transfer of guardianship may happen upon your death and the death of your partner. However, it is still good to talk it through with your appointed guardian just so they are aware of your intentions. Guardianship Ontario cases aim to ensure that the child’s best interest is always kept and that is why there have been cases where guardianship has been revoked after a certain amount of time. Remember that the child is in your care and as his guardian you are legally responsible to ensure that he is able to lead a normal life with the best care possible.

Contact Your Local Family Court
Unlike if you were to seek a divorce, altering a guardianship Ontario appointee does not require seeking legal representation. You may consult legal counsel to get additional information. However, all you basically need to do is to go to your local council or Family Court. You will get all the sufficient information you need from there. From there on, you will be able to make your decision on matters pertaining to guardianship.

Know When a Guardianship is Needed
Of course, once a child reaches a certain age, guardianship will cease simply because the child is considered as an adult. Other than that, you will no longer be the child’s guardian if he or she has married or entered into a permanent living arrangement with someone. On the other hand, your consent will be required if the child is still underage. In some extreme cases, guardianship is revoked by the court if the appointed guardian is deemed unfit to continue in that role. There are also situations where the guardianship has only been appointed for a certain period of time and once that time has lapsed, he will no longer be considered as a legal guardian for the child.

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