What to Expect when Filing a Lawsuit for Premises Liability with a Slip & Fall Lawyer in Stafford VA

People who own property for a business welcome to visitors have a legal obligation to keep the tract of land reasonably safe. If there are any perilous conditions on the land, inside or outside, the property owner must have the damaged area repaired promptly. If they leave hazards on the property alone, they hold liability if someone gets hurt. The legal term calls it premises liability. Some conditions that presume indoor or outdoor real estate property less than safe are uneven flooring or side walks, torn carpet, pieces broken off stairs on a staircase, chipped or cracked cement on side walks, and potholes. A slip & fall lawyer in Stafford VA area works to prove the property had a perilous condition that heightened the chance of injury.

Commercial buildings can have elevators and escalators that become unsafe. Malfunctioning machinery may cause an escalator to make sudden movements. The force can be strong enough to make a person lose balance and fall. A piece of clothing or other object stuck in a part of an escalator can cause someone to trip or stop the conveyor from moving the stairs at a steady pace. A Slip and Fall Lawyer in Stafford VA will do everything in his or her power to close cases with successful settlements that cover all the financial needs of clients. Plaintiffs of slip and fall accidents need to make sure they get a physical exam by their doctor so the part of the body injured can be put on medical reports. A doctor can report the extent of injuries, so it’s known how badly it has impacted health.

A person’s financial and physical well-being is at stake with personal injury. That’s why only an experienced Slip & Fall Lawyer with a proven track record should provide legal representation for civil cases of this nature. Even land owned by the city can be liable for injuries with civil litigation against the city. For instance, if a section of side walk owned by the city is badly cracked, a lawsuit can be filed for the city. Personal injury cases have a time frame for which a plaintiff can file. Learn what the statute of limitations are so cases can be filed and settled by a lawyer in a timely fashion.

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