Why You Need a DWI Lawyer

DWI or driving while intoxicated is categorized as a severe infringement of traffic laws in United States. Nearly every state metes out heavy punishment on anyone found on the wrong side of these laws. In order for the offense to stand, a police officer will stop you and undertake a sobriety test. This is where the enforcement officer suspects that a driver is drunk or high on another substance. If the alcohol content in your blood is above 0.08, you will be liable for the offense. You will need a DWI lawyer to defend you where you feel you were wrongfully charged.

A DWI lawyer Crowley TX specializes in offenses related to drunken driving. He/she takes in details of your case. These will then be used to punch holes in the case presented before a judge. The lawyer prepares a defense to prove that the arresting officer had no justification in arresting you.

Here are instances where you need a DWI lawyer.

1. If you are driving in a manner that an enforcement officer suspects you could be drunk, you will be flagged down. You could have been switching lanes erratically or refused to stop at a red light. Such behavior could create an impression that you are not in control of the vehicle. The officer will undertake some tests to check whether you are sober.

2. Wrongful arrest. There are some situations which may lead you to drive in a seemingly reckless manner. Say you have just received news that your child or spouse has been taken ill. The way you drive from the office to your house will not be usual. A law enforcement officer could mistake this for drunkenness. Without the assistance of a DWI lawyer, you may find yourself in a very tight spot.

3. DWI lawyer Crowley TX legal firm provides convicted drivers with the necessary legal aid in the event that they are found guilty of the offense. Your lawyer will arrange for a meeting with the prosecution team. During this session he/she will negotiate for a lesser punishment. If your driving license was set to be suspended, you end up getting it back.

4. A DWI lawyer can also prove to the court that the tests were not conducted properly. Usually, a sobriety test may require that you stand on a flat surface and balance on one foot with the other being raised from the ground. If you are suffering from some form of illness, you may not pass this test. Yet, the officer assumes that it is as a result of having drank one too many.

5. The lawyer comes in handy in cases where your rights may have been violated. You may have been forced to take some tests against your will.


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