4 Things To Do Before Contacting A Personal Injury Lawyer In Medford MA After A Slip And Fall Accident

If a person is injured on another person’s property due to the owner’s negligence, they deserve to be compensated. There are plenty of costs associated with a slip and fall accident such as medical bills and lost wages. These are expenses that should not be the victim’s responsibility. The best way to ensure that the victim gets the compensation that they deserve is to hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Medford MA. Before contacting a lawyer, there are a few things that the victim should do.

Seek Medical Attention

Immediately after the fall, the victim should seek medical attention. Even if they don’t think that they are injured, it is a good idea to get checked by a doctor anyway. If the victim was injured, they deserve to be compensated for the medical bills and their pain and suffering. To prove their injuries, the victim will need medical reports from a doctor.

Inform the Property Owner

Immediately after the fall, the victim should contact the property owner to let them know about the accident. If the victim is injured in a store or in the parking lot, they should inform the store owner or the store manager. This will give the property owner a chance to contact their insurance company.

Photograph the Scene

If the victim is physically able to, they should take a picture of the accident scene. It will help the victim with their personal injury claim if they can show the condition of the property and what led to their fall. The photo should be taken before the property owner has a chance to rectify the problem.

Get the Contact Information of Witnesses

If there were any witnesses to the fall, the victim should get their contact information. If they are injured and cannot get the information, they should ask someone to do it for them. If the property owner tries to fight the personal injury claim, the witness testimony can help in court.

The more evidence the victim can gather after the accident, the better their chances are of being compensated for their injuries. After the victim has done each of the things listed above, they should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer in Medford MA. For more information, visit Bostonautoaccidentlaw.com. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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