What You Might Learn When You Talk to Criminal Defense Law Firms in Tyler, TX

When it comes to prosecuting crimes, some states have harsher penalties than others, and actually have a reputation for such firmness and severity. The State of Texas is one such state where there is a reputation for being tough on crime and employing the death penalty wherever necessary. Thus, if a person is charged with any crime in the state, they had better find a really good lawyer to represent them lest worse comes to worst. There are criminal defense law firms in Tyler, TX who will provide such services to clients in need.

Understanding the Laws of Capital Crimes in Texas

Crimes that seem to stand out the most about the state of Texas are those which punishment results in capital punishment, also called ‘death penalty’. Texas employs lethal injection for those crimes which warrant such punishment, such as the murder of a law enforcement official or fire personnel while in the line of duty. Capital punishment is also employed for those who murder children under the age of 10, or those who commit multiple murders. It will take a skillful attorney to help defendants in such cases.

Other Criminal Activity for Which You May Want Defense

Perhaps one of the crimes that a lot of people get charged with is that of drunk driving, or it could be drug possession. People should realize that drunk driving penalties could result in the driver having their driver’s license suspended, having the ignition interlock device employed, paying heavy fines or even spending some time in jail. Those who are accused of drug crimes can only be convicted if the prosecutor can prove the person knowingly and intentionally possessed or controlled the drug.

An Attorney for Criminal Defense in Tyler, Texas

The Law Office of Holmes & Moore P.L.L.C. has been providing personal attention, cost-effective legal aid and accessible attorneys for clients in the Tyler, Texas area for many years. These attorneys offer potential clients an initial free consultation. Anyone who needs to consult with criminal defense law firms in Tyler, TX can visit the law office’s website at ttps://www.holmesmoore.com.

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