Reasons You Might Need a Probate Lawyer in Chicago

When a person dies, a lot of legal complications will arise, such as the inheritance and how to dispose of the property. This becomes even more of an issue when they did not leave a will expressing their wishes. At that time, when the person dies intestate, the matters will become an issue with probate court, and the family will need a probate lawyer. A probate lawyer in Chicago, Illinois helps clients who are having difficulties with their loved one’s estate.

Reasons Why a Probate Lawyer Might Be Needed

When people pass, families might get into heated disputes over the estate. For this reason a probate lawyer may be necessary to facilitate an easier transaction with the estate. In addition, when a probate lawyer is used, they can put a halt to the greedy claims of creditors and others who may have a stake in the estate. The probate attorney is able to help the executor or administrator of the estate work through the legal obstacles that might arise.

Other Reasons for Needing a Probate Attorney

To prevent a lot of confusion in the end, it is to the advantage of a person to use a probate attorney to help them draft a will so that there will be no questions or disputes. Although a person is certainly at liberty to draft their own will, having a professional do it will ensure that there are no legal loopholes in the document. There are attorneys in Chicago who practice probate law for those in need.

An Attorney in Chicago

Starr, Bejgiert, Zink & Rowells are attorneys who have been providing legal solutions for clients in the Chicago, Illinois area for more than eight decades of their combined experience. In addition to probate law, they practice real estate law, which includes landlord and tenant law. Anyone in need of a probate lawyer in Chicago can visit to get in touch with one.

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