A Divorce Attorney in Mequon, WI may Help you Resolve your Issues Without Litigation

Divorce is rarely easy for anyone involved. A couple who made vows to love each other forever has to accept that their dream is not going to come true. Children have to adjust to living in two different homes as their parents start new lives without each other. While you are dealing with the emotional aspects of your divorce, you need a skilled and trusted divorce attorney in Mequon, WI to take care of the legal matters related to separating your marital assets and providing for your children.

Your lawyer may encourage you to try to work with your spouse to sort out your finances and determine how you will provide for your children. Although you won’t be a couple anymore, you can still come together to decide what is best for your children and make their lives as stress-free as possible. After all, they are innocent victims of a marriage that didn’t work, and should be protected as much as possible from the consequences.

This kind of collaborative divorce is also less expensive than a divorce trial. It can also save a lot of time and emotional expense than litigation. Since litigation is a confrontational process, clients rarely get what they hope for out of the divorce. By working together, you can decide which assets are important to each of you and your lawyers might help you make sure the assets are being divided equitably. If spousal support is needed, you can establish an arrangement that works for both of you instead of allowing the court to set an amount and time limit on the financial support. You can find more information about collaborative divorce on Frakerfamilylaw.com.

Custody of children is also a major issue in the divorce. Both parents love their children very much and either one wants to miss their important childhood milestones, which is why they sometimes fight over where the children will live. If you can settle this matter without the court’s involvement, you’ll be more likely to be satisfied with the arrangement. A divorce attorney in Mequon, WI may be able to help you settle your disagreement without going to trial. View website for more details.

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