Ways to Reduce Stress After Hiring a Divorce Attorney in Martinsburg, WV

Getting divorced is stressful even when the split is amicable. There are decisions to be made, assets to divide, and at least one spouse has to move. It’s even worse when the end of the relationship is marked by fighting and strong negative feelings. After hiring a Divorce Attorney in Martinsburg WV, the person should take steps to ease the stress and begin this new chapter in a healthy, positive way.

Get Counseling

The end of a marriage naturally has sadness connected with this big life change. Even if a husband or wife is looking forward to being single again, it’s normal to miss certain aspects of the relationship. If either spouse is feeling depression, chronic anger, or a loss of hope, getting some counseling is advisable. The counselor helps clients sort through their feelings and make new plans for the future.

Address the Finances

Often, one partner handles the finances in the family even if both work. The one who has little experience with this issue should start addressing the situation immediately. Otherwise, bills can go unpaid and become past due, leading to late fees, disconnection notices and collections activity. It may feel more stressful to deal with finances, but doing so will significantly reduce stress in the long run.

Reduce Stress for the Children

If the couple has children, focusing on reducing their stress is important too. Even if the children pretend the divorce isn’t affecting them, the parents can be sure that the kids feel a sense of disorientation and some level of grief. The adults must set aside their hard feelings about each other and encourage the children to maintain strong relationships with both parents.

Be Clear With the Lawyer

Being clear with a Divorce Attorney in Martinsburg WV about what the client wants is essential. The lawyer will work to achieve the best outcome for the client. That may include arranging for full physical custody of children with liberal visitation or shared custody. It may include negotiating with the other spouse’s attorney about specific assets, such as a sailboat or vacation cottage. Information on one particular law firm can be viewed at http://lshermanlawfirm.com/. Follow us on Twitter.

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