A Personal Injury Attorney Macon Can Help You Get Benefits

When a person gets injured at work, a Personal Injury Attorney Macon can help get the workers’ compensation funds needed to pay for ongoing medical expenses, cost of living expenses, and for money to get by on if the person becomes permanently disabled. Workers’ compensation isn’t just for traumatic and catastrophic injuries, though.

People become injured on the job every day. They develop back, knee, and hip problems from walking with heavy loads in a warehouse or doing construction, or doing heavy lifting, like nurses lifting bed-bound patients at work. Office workers can develop injuries like carpal tunnel, which is a repetitive use injury that causes painful inflammation of the tendons in the wrist. Other workers in all fields can develop illnesses related to their jobs, such as an illness caused from breathing in asbestos or from being exposed to chemicals in paints, solvents, and other materials.

In short, it’s an injury or illness incurred on the job that renders the employee unable to continue to performing that job. The employee may not be able to go to work at all. The employee may be able to go in to work, but may be unable to work at the same job position. It’s an injury or illness that affects their overall health, or impedes their normal daily activities at home. A person may be living with chronic pain or be unable to perform their normal daily living activities. It applies to both temporary and permanent conditions.

A Personal Injury Attorney Macon can help the employee file for the wages they’ve lost while unable to work, and for benefits that pay for hospital stays, doctor’s office visits, rehabilitation sessions, and prescriptions all related to their injury. If a person is killed on the job, the person’s surviving family can hire a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer to seek death benefits for a spouse and children.

Each state administers that state’s workers’ compensation program, so the laws regarding workers’ compensation from state to state vary. That’s why it’s important to consult with a qualified attorney in your state for accurate information. The attorney can help a worker receive medical benefits, catastrophic injury benefits, temporary total or partial disability, permanent disability, and even benefits that some states have that pay for the person to go to vocational rehab to find a different job.

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