Adding Weight To Your Veterans Disability Benefits Appeal

A high percentage of claims for veterans disability benefits are denied but because it is well known that the VA make many errors, most of those that are denied benefits turn right around and lodge an appeal. There are numerous reasons for appealing, three of the most common are:

* A dispute over the existence of a disability
* A dispute over whether the disability is service related, and
* The level of disability

What information should you provide?

When you are facing the appeals process it is always wise to hire VA disability appeal lawyers to help, these lawyers have had plenty of experience and know how to target an appeal to include plenty of evidence that supports the issue. If part of the decision made by VA is positive then pay no attention to that, your lawyer will be very specific and provide detail to support why you disagree with that part of the decision that goes against the clients claim.

It may be that you should gather additional evidence to support your claim that you are disabled. You can always include details of the treatments you are taking if they are different than they were when you first applied. Get all the records available from your doctors, records and supportive statements from doctors are very powerful.

If you were actually granted benefits but you disagree the rating that w assigned gather all evidence of your medical treatment. If, after review, your VA disability appeal lawyers don’t think the existing records fail to describe your disability properly, get re-examined by either a private physician or a doctor assigned by the VA.

Having a lawyer is advantageous:

It has been proven that veterans that applied for disability benefits unaided had less of a chance of success than those that were supported by seasoned VA disability appeal lawyers.

If you have been denied your VA disability benefits or you believe your disability is worse than the rating you were given then you should consider hiring VA disability appeal lawyers. You are welcome to contact Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law.

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