Why Hire A Veteran’s Benefits Lawyer?

If you are a disabled veteran you have every right to claim benefits. It is a long, drawn out; frustrating process but it is, unfortunately, the only approach available. Between you and eventual approval you are going to face a great deal of paperwork, some of which you may not fully understand as well as getting medical certificates, reports, etc. Although there are VA service organization that try to help, understand that they are overwhelmed with work and the results are often not in your favor. You may not know that a veterans benefits lawyer in Texas will up the odds of your winning your claim and his or her services are affordable.

Why hire a lawyer?

Knowing that there are groups that can help, the question begs; “why is it better to hire a veterans benefits lawyer?” Like everything else in life, you get what you pay for. Yes; there is no denying that veterans organizations do not charge for their assistance but these same groups are understaffed which simply means that the service that you need to ensure success is simply not available.

A veterans benefits lawyer in Texas is your lawyer, he or she works for you. You can take the time that is necessary to explain in great detail the problems that you have run up against. Your lawyer can be of significant assistance in getting all the requirements completed quickly which gets your claim in front of the DVA quicker.

Is it necessary to wait to hire a lawyer?

At one time you could not arrange legal assistance until the DVA had made a final ruling on a case. This is no longer the case, as soon as you are made aware that your claim has been denied and you file a Notice of Disagreement you can hire a lawyer.

If you have filed a Notice of Disagreement you can hire a veterans benefits lawyer in Texas. You are invited to take advantage of a free consultation regarding your case with Jackson & MacNichol, Attorneys at Law. Like us on our facebook page.

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