Four Types of Social Security Benefits in Macomb County, MI

There are four common types of social security benefits in Macomb County, MI. They are paid according to the records of a worker’s earnings. These benefits are paid out every month to retired workers who paid Social Security during their working period. Social Security benefits are also provided to qualifying people who are permanently disabled and approved by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security retirement benefits

Social Security retirement benefits are taken directly from a worker’s salary and paid for through payroll taxes. For a worker to qualify for these benefits, they must work and pay Social Security taxes for a period. The social security administration then determines the people who are eligible for the benefits through a credit system.

Social Security spouses disability benefits

These benefits are for the spouse of a dead person who was insured by the social security system. Here, a surviving life partner has the privilege to a percentage of their deceased spouse’s benefits. For the spouses to qualify for this benefit, they must be between 50-59 of age, must have been hitched for a minimum of nine months, and they must show that they became disabled in a particular period.

Social Security disability insurance

This type of social security can serve as an important source of income for those who left the workforce before retiring due to injury or illness. To qualify for this, a worker must have experienced complete disability. This means, no chances for being temporarily or partially disabled. To be eligible for this benefit, individuals must show that they are incapable of working at their previous occupation, cannot adjust to another place and will be incapable of working for at least a year.

Supplemental Security Income

This social security benefit offers help to people who are disabled, blind, or 65 years old and above, and who have limited resources and incomes. This benefit provides money for needs such as shelter, food, and clothing. Those who qualify for this benefit have the right to medical coverage too.

To learn more about these types of social security benefits in Macomb County, MI,and other benefits, contact us.

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